Love Online Just in Time For the Holidays – 7 Character Traits to Look For

Love Online Just in Time For the Holidays – 7 Character Traits to Look For

The holidays are just around the corner and many will begin planning festive activities with friends, family members and co-workers. It is also the time of year when some single men and women, who have not found a romantic interest, think about who they’ll spend the holiday season with. Some may turn to online dating as a way to jump start finding a special love interest. Others may say that a couple of months are too short in time for getting to know someone, and then inviting them to the company holiday party. Nevertheless, the holiday season can be a great time to learn about a person’s habits and manners as you spend time together doing holiday activities.For example, I met my husband online and we started dating just before the holiday season of 2002. It was during that time, I got to know him better as he mingled with my friends and family members. Also, I learned he was a good cook as he prepared a dish for Thanksgiving and, I tested his patience with holiday shopping. After Thanksgiving, we realized we didn’t want to spend the remainder of the holiday season apart, and was subsequently married 6 months later.As you can see, whether it’s online or offline, meeting a potential love interest just before the holidays, can have its advantages when you are looking for certain personality traits. In view of that, if you meet online, you should adhere to the golden rules of online dating; making sure you have thoroughly read their profile, they have a current photo; spend time communicating online before phone conversations and meeting in a public place until you feel comfortable with them. If all goes well, why not invite each other to a holiday event, a family gathering or do some holiday shopping together. What’s good here is that once the people closest to you see how you interact with each other, they will have an opinion.

Furthermore, you will be able gauge his or her character when certain holiday related situations arise, such as the following:Being ReliableHoliday parties and events require planning, especially when trying to prepare a menu. In addition, special arrangements are made to attend these events, such as hiring a sitter or purchasing evening wear for that special holiday party. Can this person be counted on to attend with you as planned? Will they arrive or be ready on time? Will they show good judgment by dressing appropriately? Unless something catastrophic happens, finding out someone is not unreliable is not an attribute you want a new love interest to have.Sensitivity to Recession Holiday SpendingThe recession will continue into the holiday season. Nevertheless, people still want to enjoy the holidays, but will scale back spending on celebrations. Will this person be content doing inexpensive activities as opposed to splurging on expensive holiday entertainment? Perhaps you want to spend time volunteering at a shelter. Are they empathetic to the needs of others and admire you for doing what you can to help? Or do they feel you could make better use of your time? Note: If you volunteer on a regular basis, this should be in your profile.Behavior around Family and FriendsIf you invite them to a holiday family/friends gathering, will they be respectful and pleasant? As an invited guest, will they bring a gift for the host? Will they interact with your family and friends or not participate in discussions or make small talk? You can often determine how a person handles themselves around people they don’t know, but who are important to you. Also, will they offer to help out with the after meal cleanup or just let all the other women do the work?Substance AbuseHaving holiday cocktails is one thing, however he or she may use the holidays as an excuse to drink excessively, use illegal drugs or abuse prescription pills. You will want to know if the person you are spending your holiday time with has a drinking or drug problem.Gift GivingEven though you’ve only known this person a couple of months, how do the feel about exchanging “inexpensive, yet thoughtful gifts”. Will you discuss this prior to Christmas? For the record, if you’ve been enjoying the person’s company, a small gift should be given in the spirit of the season.

Treatment of ChildrenA child’s excitement around the holidays adds to our enjoyment. How will your dating partner act around children? This often indicates whether the person likes children and is willing to interact with them.Holiday Cooking and BakingThe holidays give people an opportunity to show off their cooking and baking skills. Women are impressed by a man who knows how to cook and men always enjoy a good homemade meal. Perhaps you have a special holiday recipe you’d like to share?Dealing with Heightened ExpectationsIt is important to keep in mind that the holidays can add pressure and expectations for people to be happy and joyful throughout the season. The truth is, the holidays can also cause depression for many reasons. Your new companion may be missing a loved one or feeling the economic downturn. So, don’t make the mistake of expecting this person to keep your spirits up; that’s your job.Finally, if the two of you are getting along, you could be spending New Year’s Eve together. Remember the saying that whomever you spend New Years Eve with, will be the person you begin the New Year with. Well, I’m not sure how many couples have gone into the New Year still dating after spending New Years Eve together; but it can happen to you……just like it did for me nearly 7 years ago!

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