Make a Holiday Custody Program That Works

Make a Holiday Custody Program That Works

With the holidays here already, hopefully you are already have a holiday custody plan so there is less stress and confusion for these special times. If not, it is not too early to start developing one for next year. First of all, what good is a custody plan for the holidays? Most separated or divorced parents already have a regular plan for custody that outlines when the children spend time with each parent. Having a plan for holidays is important too and should take precedence over the regular custody agreement. It makes celebrating holidays much more fun and easier. So we know that having a plan for holiday custody is essential. Holidays are times your children will remember and hopefully cherish. You can help ensure their happiness and good memories with an effective holiday custody plan.

What makes an effective custody plan for the holidays? There are many parts and suggestions to making a good one.Make a list of all holidays your family celebrates. This may include personal holidays such as birthdays, religious holidays, and holidays mandated by your state and the federal governments. You may also include special events your children attend.
Decide how you want to spend each holiday. You may agree with the other parent to share holidays and events all together. If that is not agreeable, you may decide to alternate every other event or holiday or alternate yearly. It may also work for you to split each holiday and event equally so the children have time with both parents for every holiday.
Make a plan for transportation and exchanges. Outline information about how transportation and exchanges are handled so there is no confusion about this when it comes time.
Be flexible and prioritize. Keep your own schedule flexible. There may be so many events associated with the holidays that your children cannot attend them all. Prioritize the events that are most important to your children and stay flexible in case something unexpected comes up.
Do not personalize and stay positive. Your children will remember if you had a negative attitude toward their other parent or the actual event or holiday. They will remember if you personalized and made it all about you instead of them. Remember that you are going to such lengths for your children to enjoy their time with you.
Make a back-up plan. Have a back-up plan in case your original plan does not cover everything or leads to an argument. Create a way for disputes between parents to be resolved and have a plan in case something unexpected or an emergency occurs.

As you prepare for the holiday season, remember how important those times are for your children. Make an effective holiday custody plan and enjoy holidays and special events for years to come.

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