Top 5 Things to Search For in a Little Holiday Park

Top 5 Things to Search For in a Little Holiday Park

Smaller holiday parks and lodges in the UK are a different type of holiday to the larger family holiday parks, so you’re going to expect different activities. Your entertainment won’t be provided for you, so you’ll get the chance to create your own. In this article we’ll list the top 5 things to look for on a small holiday park.1) Type of lodge – Lodges come in all shapes and sizes. Some lodges are wood clad, and some lodges are made from solid logs. Make sure you know what you’re getting before you book, so there’s no disappointment when you arrive

2) Size of the park – Some parks have just half-a-dozen lodges on them, while other can have up to fifty. If you are looking for peace and quiet, you probably want to go for the smaller parks.3) Position of holiday park – If you want to explore the area, either by foot or by car, make sure your chosen holiday park is situated in picturesque spot. You don’t want to travel for miles to reach a good place to go for a walk. Many smaller holiday parks are situated in areas of beauty, or near national parks, so walking won’t be a problem. Just check the map before booking your holiday.4) Hot Tub – A hot tub can be the perfect luxury to have on holiday. What better way to finish the day than to lay in your own outdoor hot tub and watch the stars in the sky. Not all lodges will have a hot tub, so if a hot tub is a requirement, make sure you book a lodge which has one. If you’ve never tried a hot tub before, I highly recommend them. They really are the luxury to have on a lodge holiday.

5) Pets – If you’ve got a pet to take with you, make sure the lodge allows them to stay. Many lodges do allow your pet, but some don’t, so it is well worth checking. A lodge holiday is perfect for pets, as there is plenty of walking to choose from. Both you and your pet will have a fantastic time.

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