Villa Holidays For the Family

Villa Holidays For the Family

The thing which makes good holidays great is planning, spend a little time tailoring your villa holiday so you’re sure every ones going to have a great time and it will be a family holiday to remember.Something for the kidsVilla holidays give you great freedom and loads of time and space to relax. However, kids want constant amusement and don’t understand “chilling out”! Pick a villa holiday resort which offers plenty of kid friendly activities. Orlando, Florida is great for theme parks or many of the most popular holiday resorts in southern Spain, the canary islands and the Algarve have local water parks of varying quality.Kids entertainment doesn’t have to include expensive days out. Research the resort you’re staying in for the most kid friendly beaches near your villa, ones with lots of space, gentle surf and an ice cream shop of course!

When researching villas look for properties with swimming pools which the kids will enjoy and cable TV or DVD players can help keep the kids entertained during the evening.GrandparentsIf you’re planning on taking the grandparents on holiday with you renting a villa is a good option particularly for older people who aren’t frequent travelers as holiday villas offer greater privacy and a more relaxing atmosphere than hotels.Bare in mind while you might be looking to catch a tan, your parents don’t get on so well in the heat. Plan your villa holidays outside of the hottest months if you can and look for villas with air conditioning or at least floor fans for bedrooms.A good kitchen is also a worthwhile consideration when looking at rental properties as you may want to cook more home cooked food for the kids and grandparents, rather than sampling local delicacies.Teenage kicksIf you’re travelling with teenagers who may get easily bored on a family villa holiday look for destinations which provide evening entertainment like local bars and discos (depending on their age), and daytime fun like watersports and jet ski hire at the beach.Teenagers also need their privacy so rent a villa large enough to give them their own room. If they’re not old enough to drive rental cars think about booking villas nearer the town so your teenagers aren’t confinded to the villa when you’re there and reliant on you for lifts.

Stressed out parentsMost likely this is you. When booking your villa holiday be sure not to forget your own enjoyment and relaxation is as important as the other members of your family.Whether you’re into spa’s, the beach, sailing, sport or just good restaurants and wine make sure you choose a resort which meets your own tastes. If necessary take it in turns to look after the kids and give each other a day to yourselves of complete relaxation. Remember it’s your holiday too!

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